Golf Course Training, Practice And Consulting

Ah yes. Finally. It is time to play golf. Many of you might have begun to believe that that day may never come. But the game has been on for a while now. The majors are coming back but you get a sense that it might not yet be ready for the crowds. Sadly, many of the small clubs around the country that may have been particularly hard hit by the short-lived hard lockdowns that occurred last year – at the time of publishing this note – may not be ready for crowds either. They may well be in need of a little professional golf course consulting to help them get back on their feet, manage the crowds and also adapt to all of the laid-down COVID regulations and/or protocols.

But playing club golf may still work in your favor, particularly if you are a beginner. In any case, in order to abide by the COVID protocols, you should be notified of your scheduled tee-off times. You’ll need to prepare yourself fully beforehand of course. As to who would be your coach at this time is hard to say at this time. That’s still something you might just want to check with your nearby club. Guys and girls still need to practice. Like a lot because perhaps after months of inactivity let’s just say that your links may have become rather rusty. The driving range could be ideal. Movement is restricted and you have your own spot all to yourself.

golf course consulting

Do note that professional golf course consulting should also be on hand to assist struggling clubs with fund-raising initiatives. One question worth asking at this time. Will there be sit-down dinners involved, club days, or will an alternative event be stage-managed online.